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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 26, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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welcome you interesting. >> come to the super bowl. >> used to be warm but making an exception. >> we'll see. >> thanks for joining us, america live starts right now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. we are just getting word that american war ships are on the move as the obama administration comes under increasing pressure for military intervention for syria i am shannon in for megyn kelliy. secretary of state kelly will be making a statement at 2 o'clock p.m. eastern and the white house briefing will be pushed back to cover the news on syria united nation's inspectors were shot at going to the site of the last week's chemical attack. the inspectors were trying to do
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the work walking through the town and speaking with survivors and taking samples from victims. there are many. these photos tell the story. the bodies of dozens of innocent children laid out and covered with she'ds. hundreds of people are believed to have died in the attack. men, women and children, an estimated 100,000 people have died since the start of the conflict. the obama administration has possessioned four destroyers off of the coast of syria. we are told that the ships are close enough to launch a missile strike. the pentagon is in watch and wait mode, making on the president to make a final determination to act. leland joins us from the middle east bureau. >> pentagon is in watch and wait mode and the middle east is watching and waiting intently,
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that is no understatement from iran and syria and here and egypt and seeing what u.s. resolve and what president obama's term redline really means and it is a great interest to every country. and of course, most interest to the syrians themselves. the videos we are showing you offer the past six days since the chemical weapons attack is not shockwaves in the region. ousing this video and other intelligence, the israelis, the uk, and the u.s. seemed to have made a determination that there was chemical weaponsoused inside of sir why and saying they are going to evaluate the options going forward. parallel to that is the un investigation. remember for six days, the un weapon's inspectors begged to have access to the site. it was today when they were allowed to go and had to dodge
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sniper fire. they are in the rebel held areas and taking soil samples and blood samples for the victims and issue their own report in the coming days. whether that will mean anything or a sign blame, bofth those seem to be unlikely. the other interesting thing we had was the russian. remember the russians were protecting the syrians in the united nations and today, the russians came out with the foreign minister and they would not go to war if there was western military intervention inside of syria and the russians would not protect syria and not a green light for u.s. military action and not the red light that the russians could have put up. back to you. >> leland vitter thank you for the latest. >> the administration steps up plans for possible military action in syria, the president is facing a challenge with new polls that most americans are
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against any kind of irpt vention at all and may have to go a round the united nations if he decides to act. chris, host of fox power play. chris, the president has options, but they are dwindling by the day. >> the frustration from the hawks is that the president a year ago when he announced the sense passed redline options are fewer and the pressure on the president from interventionist on the west and on the right inside of his administration, in congress are growing, you can't let it go on. you have to act. but it is a tough spot. think of it this way, the president made the national political career substantially on opposition to the iraq war and criticism of george w. bush
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did not allow un weapons inspectors to work through. syria and iraq called it a dumb war in iraq. and made his way politically off of that initial attack. what is interesting for the president, he is going to have to retreat to the same arguments that george bush and others would if he launches a military incursion in to syria. >> and also the issue of russia and iran. russia issued a warning of sorts, don't act to quickly and let the un weapons inspection play out and we have seen mistakes in the past by the u.s. we have a complicated relationship with the russian leaders. whatever he does in syria impacts them or iraq, and that may not be a show down he is not ready for.
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>> whatever relationship that exists tone president obama and president putin in russia will not help. that but the challenge to the president. the prime minister of britain, and david cameron and president of france, they are making the noise, let's bomb, let's bomb. and they want to repeat it would seem western powers did under the umbrella of nato in libya where they took out gua d da fi. it is not proven to be popular domestical le. they saw what happened in libya and egypt and the idea of backing those folks in syria with air strikes would not be at all popular in the united states. and so the president has the past rhetoric and his record as it is played out in the middle
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east under his administration. >> thank you very much for the insights. >> you bet. >> we are expecting news on syria at 2 o'clock eastern and then the white house is answering questions. we'll have all of that for you and plus, all of this is covered early in the morning, fox first note available to you in the in box. visit fox news first. you will put the e-mail in the line and click the sign up button and you are good to go. fox news first. don't miss it, best way to start the day. >> this is a fox news alert on a wildfires larger than the entire city of chicago burning near one of our country's national parks. flames are burning in one of the biggest blazes in california history. check it out on this map, not only threatening the park but
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inching closer to the rez vorand provides water and electricity to the silicon valley. bone-dry trees are making efforts to try to control the flames worse and crews are trying to protect the sequoias and oldest living things on earth. they are threatened by the flaps as they grow. the fire is so intense it is creating his own weather pattern from space. this picture taken by the nasa astronaut and posted on the twitter feed. dom nick is live in california with more. hello. nshannon, it is a self- sustained fire, every time we get an update it is bigger in the tens of thousands of acre. up date is 150,000 and 10 more than yesterday. good nows is that it is 15 percent contained and twice as
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much as under control yesterday and still a tupy porportion here. here in the city, they are trying to defend the city and the run by the fire to try to take the city, it a pores to be back and the city is filled with smoke. we have impressive amateur to theage for someone who lives up on apple, colony road. it is a mass support service. and dropping a flurry over him and his house as it tried to put a break. the fire is just half mile away from his home. >> it is so you can hardly sleep. you co huge plumes of smoke and aircraft and bulldozers and helicopters. it is the fire animal again. and who knows what is going to
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happen? >> who knows what is going to happen. we can show you what is happening now. the city is filling full of smoke. in the end of bade avenue you can see fire crews vanishing off of the smoke. it is getting thicker by the second. that's the only way to describe. it it is standing by here five days and that is one fire away. thank you for the details there. last spring there were national headlines, you may remember following reports of hodded figures and hated graffiti on the campus of couple bru land college. it is the biggest hate crime hoax of the year. and nsa is not only spying on
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millions of americans but lots of time using expensive resources to keep track of their love lives. and a founding twist and a new department of defense training manual dedicates a extremist behavior is the same that wanted to overthrow british rule.
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last week. both are charged with first-degree murder. police are arresting several people who helped them hide out over the last few days. we'll let you know when we get more news. >> there is an investigation underway in one of the nation's best known college after a month long report of hate spoech and racism and vandalism on the campus. the story is capturing the attention of celebrity a lums. it is happening in college in ohio. one insstance was a student seeing a person dressed in a klu klux klan like white robe. >> i was in the car and i saw someone in what was kkk walking
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on the outfit and seeing them and having it sink in it is it like real and that started with graffiti and on the buildings and so people are getting upset. . that was a reporting back in march when we first learned about an investigation in one of the best known colleges in a series of report and hate speech on campus. there are new revelations about those claims and the new information is anything but a surprise. and they are a cl collumist and fox news contractor. michelle, welcome, what is the new information. >> the new information comes to you via the daily caller new's foundation and i have to give credit to the report that kept up on the story and did follow-
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up. they filed a public disclosure request and verified what i suspected and told megyn back in march and wrote a column about at the time this was a huge hoax crime that was perpetrated by two young students on campus when which one was a organizing for america volunteer and self identified progressive who did it as a "joke". what is really damming and i followed tup on the collumand web site. what is damning is the answer to the question, who among the administration and adults on campus whether or not you what and when. the college was made aware that two punks were responsible for the vast majority of the hate
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crimes that the president and administration went on to hype in march. >> what is interesting is that the police report, these guys were booted from the campus and the reported kkk hood that someone was wearing was a female student wrapped in a blanket and if you have been to a college campus, you will see people wrapped up in blankets. what is interesting is the overlapd alumni association said they are raising concerns who is behind these. the deal and actions are real and the fear caused is real. we'll not tolerate acts of hatred regardless of motivation. if they are fake act accident, the response is baffling to me. >> it is ridiculous. not baffling if you know about
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the culture of overland. i have firsthand knowledge of what it is like to be on a campus that is marinated in the ideology of self victimiation and multicultural excesses of iowa deptity politics. the statement that the overland administration put out was in response to criticisms like mine and another person i have to give credit for is bill jacobsson of the legal insurrection blog that is pressing the administration and board of trust ees to answer the question of who knew what and when? it was not only punks but adults who continue to cling by the fake but accurate rationale. they are willing to exploit
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something that was concocted as a prank to lobby for things like more grefance studies. more segregated academic dorms and academic departments. and this is the cesspool that is the institutions of higher learning. >> this is not the first time it has happen on campus and that raised your antenna when we heard about it in march. maybe this is something we have been through before. >> exactly. the associated press and all of these other mainstream orgs that turned the so- called hate crime in an international incident was covered by the globe. and we have a follow-up on fox news, shannon and i pointed out in march, it didn't make headlines and there is a long history of overland of fabricated crimes.
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i went back to my campus in 200 secs to give a lecture on this problem. what does the press cover instead of a real story that was right under their noses. overland a lum, celebrity actress woe is me about the need for solidarity on campus. administrators anyhow what was behind it and how. >> michelle. thank you very much. >> new department of defense training manual has pages to help identify extremism and hate. that would be the american colonist that wanted to overthrow british rowel. the founding fathers and a closer look at what is in those lessons a head. >> and hundreds of cops, fire
10:22 am
fighters and security guards are out on the school to make sure kids can get to school without being shot by gangs. >> and a investigation in the hard landing in new york last month. what it means when the passengers and head of the ntta can't get long. ies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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>> we are waiting the celebration of an american hero as the president prepares to award the medal of honor to ty carter. he appreciates the honor but said it comes with a price no soldier should have to pay. and he took out enemy combatants and reach his life to save
10:26 am
a soldier penned down. 25 were injured and we'll bripg you the powerful ceremony live honoring the american hero as soon as it happens. >> now roughly two months since a southwest jet made a hard land nothing laguardia. there is friction between the nta and ntsb. and officials are feeling pressure to release more details quickly and some say social media could be a part of the problem. trace gallinger with more. and in both cases of the crash landing in san francisco and southwest landing in laguardia. there was video and soon as the planes stopped, the passengers began to give their side of the story on the social networking sites. that is pushing the ffa and ntsb
10:27 am
into answering questions and responding more the wall street journal reported that the agencies are overstepping each other's bounds by getting more information and southwest airlines is come plaining because they are getting the information from different regulators between the nta and ntsb. it is not well cordinated and could be impeded. remember the ntsb is solely in charge of investigating acts and incidents and can make recommendation and dealing out punishment and making changes is up to the fa a which is in charge of promoting and policing airlines. they have wondered if they can do that effectively. ntsb has a great working relationship with the ffa and investigation is not being impeded. in the case of southwest airline. they are trying to see what
10:28 am
happened in the final 400 feet where the pilot took control of the aircraft from the co-pilot and the question is now did she pull back on the tloelths a little too early causing that nose of the plane to dip, shannon? >> thank you very much. >> and the crime crisis in chicago is not any clearer than today. hundreds of cops and firefighters and security guards are on the streets to make sure kids can get to school without being shot by gang members. we'll show you what is happening. lammar odom is missing and new details on the bizarre story. >> developing controversy in the department of defense. >>'s new training manual drawing shocking comparison with american founding fathers and
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>> it was the first day of school in chicago. hundreds of police officers, firemen and armed security guards lined the streets as part of the safe passage program to help kids get safely to the
10:33 am
schools because they have to walk through gang turf to get there and city officials are worried those little kids could be shot. they join us live with the street crime in the windy city, hello, mike. >> the police superintendant called it true community policing. the contract employees and others armed with walkie talkies lining the routes through the violent neighborhood. this is one program and the violence is a complex problem. and it is the south and west side. someone will know they are coming. whether it is the drug violence or vendetta.
10:34 am
and everyone knows. and everyone knows. it is a matter of the neighborhood getting involved. and that made national headlines after being killed by a stray bullet after performing in the president's inauguration. the first lady attended her funeral. the information about who fired the fatal bullet never made it to police. snitches made a harsh penalty. and annette freeman said the relationship between the people in the violent neighborhoods and the chicago cops is not good. >> i have called police before and it made me feel like i was the criminal. >> growing sentiment that they need to pitch in and do the part to solve the problem on their own. gary mccarthy said the local
10:35 am
departments need to do more as far as building relationships in those troubled neighborhoods. back to you in new york. thank you. >> a developing controversy concerning the department of defense. a training manual that compares modern-day extremist with some of america's founding fathers. the boston tea party is deemed an act of terror and it seems the department of defense, thinks that the men who signed the declaration of independence were not much better. in u.s. history there are examples of movements and the colonist who sought to be free of the british rowel. and suck sowed from the northern states. let's debate. it sally and brett former assistant to president bush. >> nice to see you both.
10:36 am
>> this manual said it is a training manual not to be used in practice and nowadays instead of sheets and espousing hate message, extremist will talk of individual liberties and state's rights and how to make the world a better place. sally, come on. >> let's step back for a second and realize what it is about. making sure our military which we rely on to cope us safe and people who serve in the military answer to our commander in chief and their commanders and not extremist ideology. there are other portions that you are not reading inincluding black separatist and eco- warriors and groups associated with the left. the reality is, if someone show up thinking they are the second coming of george washington is
10:37 am
not good for us. >> there is a number of groups to single out. and also, when you talk about state's rights and how to make the world a better place. that is a lot of people out there. and that is the same kind of language with the irs singling out the te party. >> the military fight and caution about and lay their lives on the line for fairness and equality and american values, the same values that our founding fathers put their lives on the line for. in times of change, it is what you define a radical to be. was washington a radical? i bet the king of england thought he was. they fought for principle and the army and military singling out is something that unamerican or something that the military should not follow is quite the opposite.
10:38 am
they have it totally skewed as to what the principles of so- called radicals are fighting for. we are fighting for them today. te party is fighting for fairness and equality and responsibility from debt and taxes. they are not foreign subjects. >> i want to let folks know before we continue. todd starnes referencing the documents obtained through freedom of information act repeatedly called the pentagon and they did not return telephone calls on these materials. >> it would be helpful if they clarified? >> some of them date back to gates was secretary of defense. >> just so we know. january 2013 defense equal management student guyed. ? parts of what you are quoting is
10:39 am
2011. i agree with brad entirely. we want them to fight for american values. i don't know how to respond. it is a mountain of a molehill. you are cherry-picking parts of a report that said our department of defense and our armed forces should use their guyedance to make sure no extremist on idea logical side of the fence. >> i want to insert here. it references the southern poverty law center and the document cites heavily to the southern poverty law center and named a number of groups hate groups. the man who went in with a gun and said he planned to kill as many people as possible because he found the government on the web site. they have input in the document. >> they don't have input if they are cited. >> it is factually incorrect and
10:40 am
wrong and wrong tactic that our military should be taking. the military has better things to do than slam our founding fathers and equate what they did for america. we are the most powerful nation, we are looked at as the hope of the world, is that a bad thing? i don't think you should argue with success and equate what our country was founded on with where we are today penning people from radicals when they are far from it. >> i don't think we would want that man who entered into the family research council to join the armed service. we are making a mountain out of a molehill and should focus on keeping the country safe. >> sally, rad. good to see you. >> honoring a true american hero. we are awaiting a staff
10:41 am
sergeant. ty carter awarded the medal of honor for actions that went above and beyond. you will see the whole thing and breaking news on the case against donald trump. the state of new york sues him for defouading students of millions through trump university. what he has to say next. >> i am not a paranoid but when the light weight attorney general not respected with anybody and meets with the president and files a suit 24 hours later, yes, i think i have been targeted and it is a big problem and people ought to look into it. have i got a treat for you.
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new clean whipped creme. clean fresh foundation, a dash of hydration, whipped to smooth matte perfection. what a treat! new clean whipped creme. from easy breezy beautiful covergirl. >> where is lammar odom? tmz report that they have not seen the nba star for days and fears he is off on a drug
10:45 am
brifrj. khloe threw him out of the house after attempting intervention. odom has battled an addiction to crack cocaine for two years. his rep said he's find but no word on where he is. >> this is a fox news alert. in the case against donald trump who is being sued for 40 million over the trump university. the program that the real estate mogul run promising students on how to become rich. trump's team told liz mcdonald this the a g offered to settle the case for 5 million and they refused the deal. >> you are neither graduates of
10:46 am
trump university. >> i thought she was and i am wrong. >> no. >> a lot of folks went through the program and different levels and the attorney general said here in new york that trump was pulling a scam. >> i don't think so. he has a weak case for the attorney general. when you sign up for a program. and you have to pull back and it is a -- he had to stop using names. >> it is not a university examine. you are a late admission. and you sign up for a program and spend all of the money and you will get trumped. and that is what you are buying. they have that and put it on the resume and hopefully have contacts to the program. >> a g is making serious allegations here. they are trying to get refunds for them and trump may have
10:47 am
violated federal consumer protection laws and running a unlicensed educational institute. >> first it was trump university and under new york state law you kaebt call it. they corrected that and changed it to trump entrepreneur institute. >> which makes accepts. >> tei. >> it is a question of fact. did they make misrepresentation to what they were offering. discovery in the lawsuit will have to determine. that lisa and i discussed that after 20 years in law, i am guessing it is a weak case. i agree with leigh. what you saw is what you get. >> they offered a lower settlement and trump turned it down. that is why i believe trum believes they don't have to settle the case.
10:48 am
>> you can't expect someone like trump to go roll over. he will defend himself. this is what he had to say. >> right. >> he talks about the politics and a g- adjustment with president obama and might be connected in trump's estimation. >> i am not a very parinoid person but when the light weight attorney general kwho who is not respected by anybody and meets with the president and files a suit 24 hours later, i think i have been targeted and i think it is a big problem and people ought to look into. it >> the attorney general said they have more important things to talk about than donald trump. >> he fired back and said 98 percent students are happy with the program. and he then gets more vicious and said you know, this attorney general is a light weight and
10:49 am
described him as a hack and insinuating that he is mad because the trump organization did not contribute enough. >> they gave 12,000 in 2010. i can just say putting on the legal hat. it is a weak case. forget the stuff in the background. >> i agree with you, 100 percent. >> what is really going on in the room? lawyers who practice day-to-day, we analyze the facts of the case and the law and complaint and pleadings and step back and say what is really going on here? is this a dispute? i don't know. >> you mentioned the fund-raising. there is all kinds of notes and they did and had donations and someone from trump's organization is saying it is extortion. and they were not begin enough
10:50 am
support. and so this is sort of the extortion to foil the lawsuit. >> you think you will so the case settled actually. >> i don't know. i will not go to trial. >> i don't know. i think may want to say, let's go to trial and -- >> exactly. he has more money -- >> reconvene when we settle it. >> all right, stick around. thank you both, very much. >> my pleasure. >> disturbing report on some of america's wounded veterans and we learn veterans affairs employees got billions in bonuses while our veterans waited sometimes years for disability. tracking millions of americans and spending a lot of time and resources tracking their love interests. let's play:
10:51 am
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sound like a scene out of a hollywood movie. nsa officers tracking their own love interests. this is raising major questions about your privacy. chris gallagher live with this shocking details.
10:55 am
hello, trace. >> it is shocking p. this hand caught in the cooking jar, shannon, especially since obama says any spying by the nsa is unintentional and the senate committee saying the same. no, all intentional, all of it. even when the court said the nsa unconstitutionally spied on tens of thousands of american e-mails, the nsa said it was nothing more than a glitch. well now we're learning that the nsa is acknowledging that it has overstepped its bounds, violating its legal authority multiple times in the past decade. including nsa officers and, ass their love interest. using the power of the government to spy on their significant others or people they would like it become their significant others. the practice, they said, is infrequent. over the past decade, very rare
10:56 am
instances of willful violations of nsa's authorities have been found but none under the foreign intelligence act or surveillance act. there is love in, short for love intelligence. or human intelligence or sig in. so they only spy on you if they really, really like you, or they think you're hot. >> we should be flattered? i don't know. scary. trace, thank you. up next, the medal of honor ceremony we have been telling you about, as we wait for an award for a man who risked his life to get ammunition to comrades and to save a soldier who was pinned down. >> getting closer and closer to kayos. we will look at when and whether the u.s. could be forced to get involved.
10:57 am
and ask ambassador john bolton why that could happen for all of the wrong reasons. and you will not believe the audio from this next 911 call. how a brave young boy foils would-be burglars. >> they just broke the window? what room are you in? >> my mother's. what is a wetjet? some kind of a mopping device. there's a lot of dirt on here. morty, look at how easy it is. it's almost like dancing. [ both humming ] this is called the swiffer dance.
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>> this fox news alert minutes from now. a true american hero will receive the medal of honor. michael carter is to receive our nation's highest military honor for his ethic response during an ambush in afghanistan. sergeant carter is now 33. he was on a bored of of a remote area of pakistan. there was an incredible barrage of firepower unleashed. but time and time again, staff sergeant carter went above and beyond the call of duty. we will hear more of his inspiring story and watch the
11:01 am
ceremony live when it begins very shortly. we are also awaiting word from secretary of state, john kerry, as we have breaking news for the u.s. to respond to the sir yn governmesi syrian's use of mass destruction with weapons. a top u.s. diplomat will speak to address the situation in syria. the world is closely listening to secretary of state john kerry's words for any indication of potential military action by the u.s. the administration says it is weighing all options. calls are greing to send the assad reseem a message after there was a suggestion it recently killed hundreds of civilians with poison gas. several u.s. warships are stationed in the eastern mediterranean sea off the coast.
11:02 am
jennifer has the latest details. hi, jennifer. >> hello, shannon. a spokesman for john boehner said quote the president is the commander-in-chief but the first step is for him and his team to consult with congress on what he considered viable options. that has not yet taken place. the pentagon is not prepositioning an aircraft carrier at this point off the coast of syria. you would expect to see a build-up of forces in the region for any sort of sustained air campaign. that is not happening at this point. u.s. officials do confirm that the four u.s. destroyers in the mediterranean right now, the us gravely, ussmahan, uss barry and uss ramage could release tomahawks at any time. they are simply awaiting a decision by the president. >> if there is any action taken, it will be in concert with the
11:03 am
international community and within the framework of legal justification. >> and if the united states stands by and doesn't take very serious action, not just launching some cruise missiles, then again, our credibility in the world is diminished even more if there's any left. >> chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey is in jordan today. he warned that any regime change in syria would require b dollar0 u.s. troops. but the institute for the study of with are here in washington says there are other options. >> what this leaves us is a limited stand-off attack using surface ships, cruise missiles, submarines, cruise missiles and similar missiles, precision guided from airplanes, all flying below the radar and air defense system at targets inside
11:04 am
of syria of military value. >> here at the pentagon, shannon, they are in watch and wait mode awaiting orders from the president. >> shannon? >> all right, jennifer griffin with the latest from the.go pentagon. thank you. >> let's look at current stockpiles. which we know all along served for any involvement based on president obama's red line criteria. government security forces are widely believed to hold a large undeclared amount of mustard gas and nerve agent. syria's stockpile is estimated 1,000 tons. spread out and stored in 50 different cities. syria is one of seven countries that refuses to join the 1997 convention banning chemical weapons. minutes from now former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton joining us on his perspective of what is a pivotal moment for america. >> a federal employee running a
11:05 am
racist website is place owned administrative leave. this website is run by an officer in the department of homeland security. the site is called war on the horizon talks about inevitable race war between whites and blacks. they were talking about a mass killing of people. chris gal letter is live on the west coast newsroom with more. trace? >> shannon, some are questioning what he is getting paid despite the fact he broke a policies by having this in the first place. a supervisor said that everyone in the office was, quote, afraid of him. thinking that he would some day get a gun, come into the office, and go, quote, postal. his job is to advocate for small business owners, white, black, hispanic, gay, straight, you name it. yet his website is all about preparing black people for racial warfare to end what he
11:06 am
calls white rules. saying, quoting here, warfare is imminent. and in order for black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites. more than our christian hearts can possibly count. now on his website, goes by the name, the irritated genie. he is also saying collin powell, oprah and even president obama who he calls a molado. it appears that when they gave the permission that he could have this website, chaerly with the offensive material, that nobody took time to actually good out and check out the website once it was on-line. shannon. but again, he is on paid leave right now. >> thank you.
11:07 am
>> we are awaiting a ceremony at the white house. and this is one of our top stories today. it involves a brave young man and any moment president obama will award army staff sergeant ty carter, the medal of honor. this has to do with with his actions in battle in afghanistan in 2009. this is the nation's highest military honor, the medal of honor. staff sergeant ty michael carter responded with incredible bravery in the face of one of the most brutal attacks in the war in afghanistan. he killed the enemy. with his brothers in arms, provided first aid and risked his life to save an injured soldier in the line of fire. dan springer has more on the incredible story from seattle. hello. >> reporter: yeah, it is incredible, shannon. ty carter is about to join an elite group of america's bravest. he is the second soldier to receive the medal of honor for
11:08 am
what he did in the deadliest day in afghanistan. army staff sergeant ty carter is an american hero, still haunted by what he could not do in his bravest hour. carter will be the foushlg living recipient of the congressional medal of honor in the war in afghanistan. >> i would never wish for someone to receive this medal. because in order to receive this medal, your family is pretty much dying around you. everything is -- everything is getting destroyed. there's bullets, there's flames, there's explosions and people that you care about are suffering around you. >> october 3, 2009, 50 soldiers at in the lawless mountains in the pakistan border, carter ran ammunition to fellow soldiers. he killed enemy and gave special aid to mace who lay gravely wounded in the open.
11:09 am
after slowing bleeding and putting a turn kit on mace's leg, he carried him to soldier. after going into surgery, stephan mace died. his mother is beyond grateful for carter ear courage. >> ty gave my son peace. he gave him safety. he gave him comfort. he allowed stephan to have the thoughts that he would be coming home to us, coming home to his family. >> in all, eight americans were killed in the battle. another 25 wounded. the outpost was shut down afterwards. ty carter plans on staying in the army and talking about ptsd, which he fights with still sometimes. he says all of his brothers out there exhibited bravery, not just him. >> that is absolutely the kind of person, our young people and all of us, should look up to.
11:10 am
that's what a hero looks like. thanks so much for the story. that is minutes away, aer s ceremony in which ty carter will be awarded. and john kerry and the deinvolving situation in syria. that is coming up as well. we are keeping an eye on both and we will bring you the very latest when we come back. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. picasso painted one of his master works at 56. doris taerbaum finished her first marathon at 50. not everyone peaks in their twenties. throughout their lives. passion keeps them realizing possibilities. an ally for real possibilities.
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we are standing by awaiting word from the department of state, secretary of state john kerry now scheduled to speak at about 2:30 today. we will hear from him, we expect, about syria. and what is happening there as you may know, four navy destroyers have been moved into the seas around that area. we're told the president is weighing his options. that he asked the military to present his options to him. there's been a lot of criticism about the u.s.'s lack of involvement. otheres who say we shouldn't be involved at all. but as we await the president's
11:14 am
decision, the pentagon apparently is on a watch and wait mode. until they wait to hear from their commander-in-chief. if we hear from secretary kerry, we will keep an eye on it, and we will take you there as soon as his remarks begin. in the meantime, at any moment at the white house, the medal of honor will be awarded by our commandener chief, bit president, to staff sergeant ty michael carter. he is being recognized for his heroism in 2009 where he took part in an hour-long battle. by estimates, six hours or more. when his brothers in arms there were pinned down. he helped to rescue one who was injured. he continued to deliver ammunition and continued to stay in that battle. as they were under heavy fire and attack from the taliban. today his efforts will be recognized. he says humbly that he wouldn't wish the honor on anyone because
11:15 am
it means that your brothers, your family there in the military, has been endangered and lives from likely been lost. but he was recognized for heroism over and over again going back into the fight, risking his own life to save those of his brothers. so we will get back there at the white house as soon as that ceremony begins. >> military jurors are about to decide if convicted shooter hassian will be put to death. he opened fire on the army post in 2009. live covering the story of the trial, conviction and now we await sentencinsentencing, case. >> reporter: yes this came down on friday. i have to say, hands down, this has been the toughest part of this court-martial as we enter
11:16 am
week four. there are moments today where we as sturn allists have today wipe our own tears away as we have seen one after one take the stand. widows, family, friends, children, people sobbing. reflecting on how they learned their loved one was dead. and what life has been like since. we heard from major edward widow, she broke down, saying she just had her husband's cell phone turned off only a few months ago because she still called it just to hear his voice. she said her son was 2 1/2 years old at the time and every time she would drive past the airport, she would ask her if they were going to pick up daddy. private ve private valez was pregnant. her father said, quote, he did not just kill my my daughter that day. he killed my grandson and killed me unanimously. today it'll be decided if hasan
11:17 am
will get the death penalty for the crimes. once they hear emotional impact statements and once hasan himself has his chance to speak, this panel will deliberate yet again on whether the 42-year-old faces execution or life behind bars. by the way, the army hasn't executed a soldier since 1961 and there are currently five condemned soldiers on military death row. shannon? >> all right, casey, as you mentioned, this is the toughest part, having to hear from those who lost so much. thank you. >> you know, we are awaiting word from secretary of state john kerry on the issue of syria. as there is growing evidence and now senior administration official saying they are almost certain chemical weapons were used by the assad regime on their own people. they are renewing calls for u.s. intervention in sir why sir whyy
11:18 am
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11:20 am
. we go to the white house to enjoy the medal of ceremony in progress. >> we have acknowledged your providence and praised your favor upon a military force dedicated to defending liberty and justice for all. in every generation, continuous line have shed blood and shared sacrifice have born witness to our nation's first principals, a virtual, honor and patriotism. god our hearts are touched by the privilege of bestowing a distinguished honor upon an american soldier whose actions sustained comrades in battle. as we honor staff sergeant ty carter, for his actions during the battle of cannedish, we mind us that this simple yet el gnt award, to all is noble and
11:21 am
worthy and to the depth of patriot of love and devotion. our nation pauses to honor an american soldier. give thanks to the memory of the men who fought with him that day. even as we grief their loss, we give thanks to the strength of this family. oh, god, increase our faith, renew our hope that our lives could have virtue, honor aechb patriotism, as we ask and pray in your holy name, amen. >> amen. >> good afternoon, everybody. please be seated. welcome to the white house. actually, i should say, welcome back. many of you joined us earlier this year when we presented the medal of honor to clint romache for his actions in the very same battle that we remember today. clint could not be here. he is engaged in this week in a
11:22 am
cause that is very close to all of our hearts. that's ending homelessness among our veterans. but we are honored to welcome back some of the men who fought that day. combat outpost keating. members of black knight troop. and the gulf star families of those who gave their lives that day. as families will tell you, they are family. forged in battle, and lost and loved. so today is something after reunion. we come together again with gratitude and pride to bestow a medal of honor on a second member of this family. staff sergeant ty carter. as always, we are joined by many distinguished guest and we welcome you all. today i want to focus on our most distinguished guests. more than 40 members of ty's
11:23 am
family. your parents, mark, paula and step mom, barbara. your wife, shannon. who you call the ceo of your family. you're a wise man. i've got the same arrangement. your beautiful children. 14-year-old jaden. 8-year-old madison. and her new dress. and she was telling me about her new room as we walked over here. and 9-month-old sierra for whom we will try to make this brief. because we don't know how long the cheerios will last. before they came, ty said he was hoping to take his children around washington to show them the sights and history. but jaden, madison, if you want to know what makes our country truly great, if you want to know what a true american hero looks like, you don't have to look too far. you just have to look at your dad. today he is the sight we've come
11:24 am
to see. your dad inspires us just like all those big monuments and memorials do. for this is a historic day. the first time in nearly half a century, since the vietnam war, that we've been able to present the medal of honor to two survivors of the same battle. indeed when we pay tribute to clint earlier this year we recalled how he and his team provided cover that allowed three wounded americans pinned down in a humvee to make their escape. the medal we present today to the soldier that we honor, ty carter, is the story of what happened in that humvee. the story of what our troops do for each other. as some of you may recall, keating was not just one of the most remote outposts in afghanistan. it was also one of the most vulnerable. deep in a valley surrounded by towering mountains.
11:25 am
when soldiers like ty arrived, they couldn't believe it. they said it was like being in a fish bowl. easy targets for enemies in the hills above. as dawn broke that october morning with ty and most of our troops still in their bunks, their worst fears became reality. 53 american soldiers were suddenly surrounded by more than 300 taliban fighters. the outpost was being slammed from every direction. machine gunfire, rocket propelled grenades, morters, sniper fire. it was chaos. the blizzard of bullets and steel in which ty ran, not once or twice, or even a few times, but perhaps ten times. and in doing so, he displayed essence of true heroism. now the urge to surpass all others at of what cost, but the urge to serve oeshlgs at whatever cost. ty jumped out of bed, put on his
11:26 am
boots, helmet, kef lar vest and bullets rained down. when they needed more ammunition, he ran back. blasted locks off supply rooms and sprinted yet again, dodging explosions, darting between craters. back to the humvee. the ferocious fire forced then unside and so was that five american soldiers, including ty and specialist stephan mace found himself trapped in that humvee. tires flat. rpgs pouring in, peppering them with shrapnel, threatening to break through the armor of their vehicle. and worst of all, taliban fighters were penetrating the camp pt choice it seemed was simple. stay and die or make a run for it. so once more ty stepped out into the barrage and with brad larson, laid done fire,
11:27 am
providing cover for the other three, including stephan as they dashed for safety. in those heldish moments, one man went down, then another. stephan disappeared into the dust and smoke. back in that humvee, ty and brad held out for hours, rolling town the window just a crack taking a shot over and over, holding the line. preventing that outpost from being completely overrun. ty would later say, we weren't going to surrender. we were going to fight to the last round. then they saw him, their buddy, stephan, on the ground. wounded, about 30 yards away. when the moment was right, ty stepped out again. and ran to stef phan and appliea tourniquet to one of his legs, grabbing a tree branch to splint his ankle.
11:28 am
and if you're left with just one image from that day, let it be this -- ty carter, bending over, picking up stephan mace, cradling him in his arms and carrying him through all those bull aets and carrying him backo the humvee. then he stepped out again, getting a radio. then they came up with a plan. as clint provided coverage, the three made their escape. ty, brad, stephan, getting through the chaos, delivering stephan through the medics. battle still wasn't over. so ty returned to the fight. with much of the outpost on fire. with so many wounded inside. ty stepped out one last time, exposing himself to enemy fire. grabbed a chainsaw, cut down a burning tree, saved the aid station and helped rally his troop as they fought yard by yard. they pushed the enemy back. our soldiers retook their camp.
11:29 am
now, ty says this award is not mine alone. he will say that day was one team and one fight and everyone did what we could do to keep each other alive. and some of these men are with us again. and i have to repeat this because they are among the most highly decorated units of this entire war. 36 army commendation medals. 27 purple hearts. 18 bronze stars for their valor. nine silver stars for galantry. soldiers, can you please stand.
11:30 am
today we also remember once more the eight extraordinary soldiers who give their last full measure of devotion. some of whom spent their final moment trying to rescue ty and others in that humvee. and we stand with their families who remind us how far the heart break ripples. five wives, widows who honor their husbands. seven boys and girls who honor their dad. at least 17 parents, mothers and fathers, step moms and step dads who honor their son. some 18 siblings who honor their brothers. long after this war is over, these families will still need our love and support. for all the year to come. i would ask that for the families to stand and be recognized, please.
11:31 am
finally, as we honor ty's courage on the battlefield, i want to recognize his courage in the other battle he has fought. ty has spoken openly with honesty and extraordinary eloquence about his struggle with post traumatic stress.
11:32 am
the flashbacks. nightmares. anxiety. heartache that makes it sometimes almost impossible to get through a day. and he has urged us to remember another soldier from cop kaeting who suffered too, who eventually lost his own life back home, and who we remember today for his service in afghanistan that day, private ed faulkner junior. at first, like a lot of troops, ty resisted seeking help. but with the support of the army, encouragement of his commanders, and most importantly the love of shannon and the kids, ty got help. the pain in that day, i think ty understands and we can only imagine, may never fully good away. but ty stands before us as a loving husband, a devoted father, and exemplary soldier
11:33 am
who redeployed to afghanistan. now he want to help other troops in their recovery. and it is absolutely critical for us to work with brave young men like ty, to put an end to any stigma that keeps more folks from seeking help. let me say it as clearly as i can, to any troops or veterans watching and struggling, look at this man. look at this soldier. look at this warrior. he is as tough as they come. if he can find the courage and strength to not only seek help and to take care of himself and stay strong, then so can you. so can you. and as you summon that strength, our nation needs to help summoning the commitment and resources to make sure we're there when you reach out. because nobody should ever suffer alone. and no one should ever die waiting for the mental health care that they need. that unacceptable. and all of us have to do better than we're doing.
11:34 am
as ty know is, part of the healing is facing sources of pain as we prepare for the citations, i will ask you, ty, to never forget the difference that you made on that day. because you helped turn back that attack, soldiers are alive today. like your battle buddy in that humvee, brad larson, who told us, i owe ty my life. because you urge -- you have had the urge to serve others at whatever cost, so many army families could welcome home their own sons. and because of you, stef yn's mother, vanessa, who joins us again today, is able to say, ty brought stephan to safety, which in the end gave him many more hours on this earth. stephan felt at peace and she added, in the word that speak for all of us, i'm grateful for ty more than words can describe. god bless you. ty carter and soldiers of the black knight troop, god bless
11:35 am
all our men and women in uniform. god bless the united states of america. with that, i would like to have the citations read. >> the president of the united states of america authorized by active congress march 3, 1863, as awarded in the name of congress, the medal of honor to specialist tym. carter. united states army. for conspicuous galantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. specialist ty m. carter, distinguished himself by acts of galantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a scout with bravo troop third squadron
11:36 am
61st calvary rej mind fourth brigade combat team fourth infantry division in afghanistan on october 3, 2009. on that morning specialist carter and his comrades awakened to an atake of estimated 300 enemy fighters occupying the high ground on all four sides of combat outpost keating involving concentrated fire from recoilist rifles, grenades, machine guns, morters and small arms fire. specialist carter reinforced battle position, ran twice through a 100 meter gauntlet of enemy fire to resupply ammunition and voluntarily remain there to defend the isolated position. armed with only an m 4 rifle specialist carter placed accurate deadly fire on the enemy beating back the assault force and preventing the position from being overrun over the course of several hours.
11:37 am
with complete disregard for his own safety and inspite of his own wounds he ran through a hail of enemy rocket propelled grenade and machine gunfire to rescue critically wounded comrade who had been pinned down in an exposed position. carter render first aid and brought cam rad to safety. he also recovered the squad radio. with teammates providing covering fire, specialist carter assisted in moving the wounded soldier 100 meters through whithering enemy fire to aid station and before returning to the fight. specialist carter's heroic actions and tactical skill were critical to the defense of combat outpost keating, preventing the enemy from capturing the position and saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. specialist ty m. carter's extraordinary heroism and
11:38 am
selflessness above and beyond the called call of duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit among himself, bravo troof, third squadron, fourth brigade combat troop in the united states army.
11:39 am
>> let us pray. god who rules the world from everlasting to everlasting, speak to our hearts when our courage fails. our sight gross dim and our bodies may grow weary. despite the valor we honored today, keep us resolute and steadfast on things that cannot be shaken. a hope and knowing that our labor is not in vein. deep in our faith, eternal purpose, renew a love which
11:40 am
never fails. about to lift our eyes to behold things which are seen in temporal. things unseen in internal as we may be steadfast and loyal always. all this repray and reflect in the holy name, amen. >> thank you very much, everybody. i hope you all enjoy the reception. i want to not only thing ty once again, thanks his extraordinary family. thank his unit and thank all of you for us being able to acknowledge the extraordinary sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make every single day. and ty's representative of exactly the kind of people and quality of people who are serving us. we are grateful for them. god bless you all. god bless america. thank you.
11:41 am
>> we've been watching live in the white house as president obama present the medal of honor to ty michael carter. he and his fellow men were under fire. heavy fire. he risked his own life to go in and save someone who was wounded. he ran in ammunition. he repeatedly went in time and time again risking his own life to help his brothers who were down and those pinned down by fire. today the president recognizing that heroism, praising him as he in turn praised fellow soldiers and says it is an honor you never want to win because it means your brothers have been in danger and you probably lost some. they lost eight that day. more than 25 others injured. staff sergeant ty carter, newest medal of honor recipient here in the u.s.
11:42 am
this is fox news alert on growing cries for military action against syria after the world saw those images, you've seen them. hundreds of dead children killed in an alleged poison gas attack a week ago in a suburb of damascus. any minute we expect secretary of state john kerry to weigh in on the crisis in that country torn apart by more than 2 1/2 years of civil war, left by more than a 100,000 people dead, driving a million people out of their homes. instability in an already volatile region of the world. while we wait from that and remarkes from the secretary, we are joined by u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. good to see you today. >> good to be with you. >> we know that maybe destroyers have been scrambled to that area. what options does he have? >> well i think there's a wide range. i don't think the president has yet made a decision and i think
11:43 am
in part that reflects a lack of a basic strategy for why we're doing what we're doing. other than the president having said ai a year ago for the assa regime to use chemical weapons who cross the red line. this is fairly significantly about five months ago. the president did not respond to that crossing to the red line. this time i think he is going to because having seen his credibility damaged very badly before, it would simply be unacceptable not to do something this time. but that obviously doesn't tell you what, how much, what targets, how extensively, for how long or any of the other decisions that have to be made. >> and he is getting criticism from a number of quarters, there are those on capitol hill, john mccain, saying it is time to get more directly involved. at the same time, generals saying it is not something we need to be involved in, in what appears to be an open-ended conflict.
11:44 am
israel is the only one strategically and geographically in this area, but raising questions about you how seriously russia, iran, syria take us based on the fact we have drawn red lines that appear to have been crossed without consequence. >> i think the president can authorize military force and maybe even extensive military force. and we would still end up worse after after he does it. unless the president is prepared to do what some, like he is not senator mccain has said. while pain may be inflicted on the assad regime it won't fundmentmently change anything. despite the tragedy of the loss of civilian life in syria, the bigger picture here is not s serious chemical weapons but
11:45 am
iran's weapons program. if iran sees the force here but no change, the lesson is we better get our nuclear weapons on board quickly because once he they get that nuclear weapon escapebility, i think they are immune from attack from the outside. >> if they do, in that regent see a strong and forceful response bit president by this administration, what would that in turn communicate to iran to the ayatollahs, to what is going on in teheran and with the new program? >> strong and forceful depends on what? is it an attack on the chemical weapons site? a decapitation strike against eye sad and his top generals? or is it simply launching crews missiles and saying, we have sent a strong signal and stopping there? i think the iranians and i believe the russians have no inclination to leave assad at risk. you know, there have been reports, speculation, that the
11:46 am
russians helped eye sad clean up the use of chemical weapons. have you russian warships in the eastern med train yn and will iran continue to supply, i think that's almost certainly the case. >> what opportunity is presented here for secretary kerry, who we expect to speak in a few moments. for the president to clarify exactly what foreign policy strategy is for situations like this one. >> that's a good place to start. hard it say what secretary will come up with. i expect he will report on his council tagconsultations with allies. allies in the middle east and lay out what timetable may be in future diplomatic efforts. >> well we tried a number of things. we know the diplomatic efforts. how far do you think this
11:47 am
administration would be willing to do potentially with military strikes. we have heard a number of things, whether it is taking out air defenses. launching missiles from the destroyers. getting more directly involved. what do you think the administration will be willing to considerate the furtherest boundary? >> well i think everyday that goes by makes it less likely that they do anything really the changes the situation on the battlefield. even if they did come down and strike whelmingly, then you have the opposition and power which i don't think necessarily would be a good thing for the united states or israel or other american allies in the h region. but i think it is more likely that president will do something that satisfies his need to say that cross my red line and i retaliated for that but not do anything that really changes where we are. >> and you touched on that a number of times. what are the complications with doing that? doing something that seems like
11:48 am
it is, you know, politically motivated or politically expedient. but doesn't change the calculation of actually what's happening on the ground there with civilians. >> honestly, that's why he never should have drawn the red line a year ago. but it was done in the heat after political campaign. i don't think he thought through strategic implications. well over a hundred thousand people died in this civil war. maybe over a thousand, 2,000, because of the chemical weapons. tragic loss of life. but we're intervening now because 2,000 people died as a result of the use of the weapons as opposed to not doing much of anything. for 2 1/2 years while a hundred thousand died. that's why the administration is in a strategic box of its own creation because of not having had a policy effectively during this entire period. but i believe again the real issue here is not syria. the real issue, strategic issue
11:49 am
is iran. had iran not supported eye sad and his army the last two years, i don't think russia would have assisted to the extent they have and the assad government may have fallen. and yet we're not treating with the iranian problem. if anything, this administration is now getting ready to negotiate with iran over the nuclear weapons program. so the real strategic threat is on the side lines with while people focus on the potential for a few cruise missiles launched into sir why. >> ambassador bolton, always good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> we continue to stand by. you are looking live with secretary john kerry is expected to speak in moments. we expect, about syria. about the red line. the use of weapons the senior official says now are almost virtually certain that's what happened. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] america's favorite endless shrimp is back!
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because lifelock always has your back. and a fox news alert. you're just seeing secretary of state john kerry head to the podium. let's listen in. >> the last several days president obama and his entire national security team have been reviewing the situation in syria, and today i want to provide an update on our efforts as we consider our response to the use of chemical weapons. what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it defies any code of morality. let me be clear. the inindustrial nat slaughter of civilians and killing of innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. by any standard it is unexcusable, and despises the
11:54 am
excuse -- despite excuses, it is undeniable. the meaning of this attack goes beyond the conflict in syria itself, and that conflict has already brought so much terrible suffering. this is about the large-scale, indiscriminate use of weapons that the civilized world long ago decided must never be used at all. a conviction shared even by countries that agree on little else. there is a clear reason that the world has banned entirely the use of chemical weapons. there is a reason the international community has set a clear standard and why many countries have taken major steps to eradicate these weapons. there is a reason why president obama has made it such a priority to stop the prelive racing of these weapons, and lock them down where they do exist. there is a reason why president obama has made clear to the
11:55 am
assad regime that this international norm cannot be violated without consequences. and there is a reason why no matter what you believe about syria, all people and all nations, who believe in the cause of our common humanity, must stand up to assure that there is a accountability for the use of them cal weapons so it never happens again. last night, after speaking with foreign ministers from around the world about the gravity of this situation, i went back and i watched the videos, the videos that anybody can watch in the social media, and i watched them one more gut-wrenching time. it's hard to express in words the human suffering that they lay out before us. as a father, i can't get the image out of my head of a man who held up his dead child, wailing, while chaos swirled around him.
11:56 am
the illinoiss of entire families dead in their beds without a drop of blood or even a visible wound. bodies contorting in spasms. human suffering we can never ignore or forget. anyone who could claim an attack of this staggering scale could be contrived or fabric baited, needs to check their moral compass. what is before us today is real and compelling. so i also want to underscore that while investigators are gathering additional evidence on the ground, our understanding of what has already happened in syria is grounded in fact, formed by conscience and guided be common sense. the reported number of victims, the reported symptoms of those who were killed or injuried, the first-hand accounts from humanitarian organizations on the ground, like doctors without
11:57 am
border and the syria human rights commission, these all strongly indicate that everything these images are already screaming at us, is real. that chemical weapons were used in syria. moreover, we know that the syrian regime maintains custody of these chemical weapons. we know that the syrian regime has the capacity to do this with rockets. we know that the regime has been determined to clear the opposition from those very places where the attacks took place, and with our own eyes we have all of us become witnesses. we have additional information about this attack. and that information is being compiled and reviewed together with our partners, and we will provide that information in the days ahead. our sense of basic humanity is offended not only by this cowardly crime but also by the
11:58 am
cynical attempt to cover it up. at every turn the syrian regime has failed to cooperate with the u.n. investigation, using it 0 stall and toomey the important effort to light what happened in damascus in the dead of night. and as ban ki-moon said last week, the u.n. investigate will not determine who used these chemical weapons. only whether such weapons were used. a judgment that is already clear to the world. i spoke on thursday with syrian foreign minister, and i made it very clear to him that if the regime, as he argued, had nothing to hide, then their response should be immediate, immediate transparency, immediate access, not shelling. their response needed to be unrestricted, and immediate access. failure to permit that, i told him, would tell its own story.
11:59 am
instead, for five days, the syrian regime refuseded to allow the u.n. investigators access to the site of the attack that was allegedly exonerate them. instead it attacked the area further. shelling it, and systematically destroying evidence. that's not the behavior of a government that has nothing to hide. that is not the action of a regime, eager to prove to the world it had not used chemical weapons. in fact the regimes belated decision to allow access is too late. and is too late to be credible. today's reports of an attack on the un investigators, continued with the continuing shelling of these neighborhoods only further weakens the regime's credibility. at president obama's direction i have spent many hours on the phone we foreign ministers and other leaders. the administration is actively
12:00 pm
consulting with members of congress and we will continue to have these conversations in the days ahead. president obama has also been in close touch with teeders ---door key leader us of our allies. make no mistake, president obama believes there mississippi be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. nothing today is more serious and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny. thank you. >> i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. just heard secretary of said john kerry giving his first accounts of the crisis in syria. the secretary delivers litany of what they believe is the proof


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